Sylvania Township Police Station

Police Station Addition & Renovation
Sylvania Township Trustees
Sylvania, Ohio


Delivery Model:  Design — Bid – Build
Construction Cost:  $820,000
Total Area: 7,950 sf
Completed: November 1991

KEY features
  • Remodeling and conversion of existing pre-engineered metal building into Sylvania Township Headquarters – 1,000 sf addition of reinforced concrete firing range and computer targeting systems.
  • Facilities include administrative offices, dispatcher area (fortified to resist attack), armory, evidence room, interrogation room, squad room and vehicle storage.
  • Also included were security fencing, security system, underground fuel storage tanks and three story high fire department training tower.
  • Materials:  Existing metal building, Reinforced concrete firing range.  Pre-engineering stressed skin three story fire department training tower.

Architect Project Number:  8907